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Looking for local Video Gamers in Victoria. [13 Mar 2011|08:01pm]

Hi There,

My name is David.

I'm looking for a group or perhaps anyone who wants to create a group to play video games and watch movies with. I have a considerable game collection and setup that is formidable. I'm 27, So I'm looking for guys or girls that are around that age group who are passionate gamers. The other goal in this is to make friends, I don't know too many people on Vancouver Island, let alone Victoria. I currently live in Langford (near the Futureshop and EB games).

I would also like to point out, that those that I'm looking to meet should be people who are genuinely nice, mature, trustworthy, fun people. If this does not fit your description, than don't bother. Other than that, don't hesitate to message me and get the ball rolling.

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New to Vic! [09 Sep 2010|12:57am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hi folks,
My husband and I just moved to Vic and we've been here about three months.  We played a lot of different RPGs back home in Australia but now with new country/city we're having trouble finding a group of people to game with.
At the moment we want to start running a D20 campaign of Conan which my husband GM'd while we were in Australia, we loved it so much we want to do it again.
We're also open to joining groups, we've just discovered Pathfinder and would really like to experience what it is like.

You can contact us through my brand new LJ account, which eventually will have things posted on there, I swear. 

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[20 Sep 2009|10:48am]

Hey there, Gamers in Victoria!

I am trying to find some sort of tabletop gaming group to hook up with.

I'm mostly experienced with D&D 3.5. The last D&D group I was in ended up tossing out most of the rules (or using them as loose guidelines) in favor of a more flavorful, role-play heavy game.

I have also played a little bit of Scion.

Now I am really out of practice, so I am willing to learn a new system. I could even give D&D 4e a try (though, I have not heard many good things about it.... But, still willing to give it a try.)
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Nawtie Con Postponed [27 Aug 2009|03:51pm]

Greetings All

It is with disappointment that I must inform you all that Nawtie Con is to be postponed at this time, due to several contributing factors including the failure of two separate fundraising events. It is here that as the Con Lead I must take the blame for having to go back to the drawing board for a few months, while we regroup and approach the event with renewed vigor and excitement. As my outlook at events is that the team deserves the praise for success, and the one in charge deserves the blame for failure, so at this point the blame for the postponement of the Con rests on my shoulders.

Now I want to thank all the members of the team, even the ones whose jobs wouldn’t really start until the convention, as they took a shot with us all, and allowed us to move on this, there is one person who did more then everyone else, myself included, and even though she recently left the convention I need to thank Porche Berry for all her hard work. I have heard people say if we postpone, then we will never do the event, at this time I don’t believe that, I just feel that I would rather do a proper event then a poor one.

Please stay tuned for future announcements.

If you wish to drop me a line for more questions, or to complain or take a shot across my bow, you can email me at: nawtie.con@gmail.com

Thank you
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Unhallowed Necropolis [13 May 2009|12:23am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm really interested in picking this up as the core book is so fantastic, but the shipping is kicking my ass. I figured, "Hey, maybe there's someone in town who is thinking the same thing as I am so maybe we could get two, split the cost, and save on shipping!"


Am I wrong?

I do realize that I could get the PDF for half the cost, but I much prefer having something I can pass around.
Any takers?

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GottaCon [17 Jan 2009|02:37pm]


A Victoria/Vancouver Island Gamers convention.

I'm nothing to do with this, but thought I'd share. Run, I think, with people from Skyhaven Games, and looks like it'll be cross genre - RPGs, CCGs, those funny electronic games console things, boardgames etc.
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Do You S.H.A.G.? [01 Oct 2008|03:19pm]
LARPers Wanted
Hello, I am just trying to get the word out about a portal that has been created to draw together LARPers in the Portland and Salem, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, areas. We are looking for all kinds of LARPers from boffer players, to socio-political players, to horror players, to comedy players, to medieval players, so on and so forth, to get together and network. There will be resources for GMs and Players from all backgrounds of games, and we are looking to add more. We are also looking to get the word out about games, conventions, and chronicles/long running games.
You can find the site at:


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WoW? [29 Jul 2008|05:32pm]

Hey folks. I just recently got back into World of Warcraft after, jeez, coming up on a year of inactivity now (though I've been playing for a long time, since before the BGs even existed) and in my playing, and through watching Project Lore, I've realized how much more fun it would be if I knew 4 more people in a similar boat as myself and could put a static party together. I've been playing MMOs for years, and have always been envious of the people who have been able to stick together and level together, and the really fun group dynamic that it brings about (not to mention always having people to get things done with).

So what I'm asking here is if any of you folks out there have been away from WoW, or are still playing and are just really bored, and want to get something going. Nothing hardcore, schedule-wise, just something where we could be like "Okay, everyone be level X by Friday and we can get started gearing ourselves up in Dungeon Y" or whatever. I dunno. It's just an idea. I don't even know how many people still read this thing.

(In game terms, I think it'd be fun to just start all over again on a new server from square 1, and go from beginning to end with a group of people. I am totally interested in being the tank because it's the only thing I've yet to really get into in the game, so that's one essential role down.)

I'm also asking here rather than, like, a message board somewhere because I really like the idea of keeping it local. It allows for meetups, lan parties, and whathaveyou.
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[05 May 2008|10:04pm]

Okay, so almost a month ago I posted asking if anyone knew where I could purchase a PS2 mod chip and have it installed. Well, I managed to order one online and it's arrived. I called Hometech Electronics and asked them if they still do PS2 mods but they said they no longer did. So, now I have a PS2, a mod chip, but no one to mod it. I picked up a soldering iron and took the machine apart to see if I could do it myself, but these parts are tiny. Does anyone know of any other place who might do this work? I have never soldered anything before.
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[14 Apr 2008|01:34am]


I hope that this is not out of place in this community, but does anyone know where I can purchase a PS2 mod chip and have it installed locally? I already asked in the victoria_bc community, but no one answered. :(

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Calling all dog lovers [05 Nov 2007|07:03am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi all, this is a kind of last resort but we need help! We have a very nice young dog in our adoption program who has been here far too long and is desperately seeking a home to call his own.

Unfortunately because of his size/past he needs a specific type of environment to do well. This means : No young children, no cats, he can get along with other dogs but he has a dominant personality and therefore being an only dog would be prefered but is not an absolute, he needs lots of room to run and definantly a place with a fenced in yard.

Despite all this he is a very loving dog. He'll roll over and show you his belly for scratches. He listens to commands well and just requires a firm/experinced owner.

If you or someone you know would be able to provide a home for Tucker please please please contact Victoria Pet Adoption Society at 250-652-4312 as soon as possible! Tucker deserves a chance at a real life!

I've posted below both the write up about Tucker you can find at the Victoria Adoptables site as well as the link so you can check out his pictures! Thanks


Hi there, my name is Tucker and I am (most likely) a lab/heeler/border
collie X who is looking for a new friend that has lots of time to spend with me. I am a very active dog with lots of energy. I really need to find a person or a family who is very active and who can get me involved in doggy-type activities or sports. I enjoy playing with other dogs and I like people a lot but I should go to a home without children (no one under the age of 19 please.) I also need a home where there aren't any cats, as I really like to chase them when they run. Unfortunately, I haven't had much training so I need someone who is willing to work with me so that I can learn my manners and learn to be a good companion. I am not quite 2 years old, so I still have a lot of energy and I need to learn how to direct it. If you would like to meet me please come to VPAS and say hi.

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Homebrew DnD campaign [29 Oct 2007|04:58pm]

Hi, I'm looking for a group of 4-6 people to join a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. If you want more information, please email me at victoria.dnd@gmail.com. Anyone in victoria, regardless of dnd experience, is encouraged to apply, so please email me if you're interested. I don't know where it exactly will be hosted, but I've heard a few gaming groups meet at the denny's. (It seems a bit funny to me, but its something to look at.)
So if you're interested, please email me!

My campaign is going to be set in my own world, Alasse. I want to create a balance of role-playing and combat, with a focus on believable characters. I'm a very flexible DM, so anyone who plays with a particular set of house rules can discuss them with me and I can see what I can do. I've only been DMing for about a year, but I love hearing feedback after sessions.
The races are my own (statistically, most are similar to the base races with some slight adjustments), and the classes will be slightly altered to fit in with the world. We would be startig at level 3, allowing PCs to choose races with a small level adjustment, allowing a wider range of characters. I encourage people to pick new races/classes/prestige classes that they have never played so they can try out something new.

Please email if you're interested. I've had two people show interest, so theres room for up to four more people!
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Pathfinder? [28 Oct 2007|01:38pm]

Anyone else running Pathfinder D&D games? I'm running an all-goblin version.
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VIC LARP [06 Sep 2007|01:26pm]

Howdy folks, I posted this in the regular Vic LJ community and they directed me here.

I'm interested in doing some LARPing this fall and winter season, especialy any WoD (new or old) that are being run. My all time favorite game is Mage, but Vampire I've also had fun with in the past.

If anyone has any info, could they pass it on to me and I will pass it onto the Vic group. There seems to be quite a few people interested in playing a WoD LARP.
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[11 Feb 2007|08:27pm]


I recently began playing the World of Warcraft TCG and am wondering if any others are interested in sitting down and playing a game?

Is there anywhere I can go where games are regularily played?

Does anyone show up at Curious on Hillside on Friday nights, as advertised?

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On-Line Role-Playing [01 Jan 2007|10:27am]

I still have some spots left in my on-line RPG.
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Wii/PS3 Console Launch - Line-ups? [25 Oct 2006|06:52pm]


Hi there,
I've lived in Victoria for about a year and a half but haven't really experienced a console launch here. Are there generally long line-ups who wait overnight for consoles to come out? Just wondering if I should prepare myself to be disappointed on Wii's launch day.

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[28 Jul 2006|09:35pm]

Hello fellow Victorian gamers.  Does anyone know if games are sill being held at Curious Comics Saturdays?

On a seperate note, does anyone have any groups out there that could use an extra player?  Perhaps a DM?  Any input would be appreciated, thanks.
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Hey victorian gamer cat lovers [08 Jul 2006|05:31pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi. I'm pretty new to the island having moved back after finishing school in Ontario. My reason for posting today is I'm wondering if there was anyone out there in LJ land who would be willing to provide brief foster care for my two cats. Right now they are living with friends of mine but I have a sinking suspicion I won't have an apartment by the time I promised them the cats would be gone...at the end of July

So I'm wondering if anyone here would be willing to put them up possibly for the month of August. I'd provide everything, food, litter, etc and as I do with my friends, would come by every other day to clean up after them.

There's one catch which is actully A BIG catch which might not cause people to rush to volunteer. Mona, my little girl, has IBD, irridible bowl syndrome and as a result throws up...a lot. It's not gross or bloody or anything, but its something taht can't be avoided. I do have a steam cleaner here and as with my friends, I do all the cleaning and provide cleaning products to help with the mess.

But I also can understand why people would be hesitant to let a cat like that into their homes. If however you can see past that Mona and Logan are wonderful cats. Logan, who is part ragdoll, is incredible patient and gets along well with children to the elderly. Mona, while a bit more vocal and typical cat like, is also a little love bug who enjoys being curled up on your lap or knee

This is a kinda last resort thing but I thought it was a good idea to put feelers out there and see if anyone would be up for a month long cat experince. Mona and Logan are both indoor cats. Mona is a great hunter so if your having any mice trouble she's a good assest there. They're not to keen on other cats or dogs though, since Mona is incredibly territorial. Logan does love other female cats, but Mona's not a fan

Anyway enough babbling. IF you are interested/curious/or have more questions please comment or email me at c rassenti at yahoo.com.

Hopefully all this won't bve nessicary and I'll find a place in time, but better safe then sorry
Pictures of the catsCollapse )

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DVD repair? [01 Jul 2006|01:51am]

So I managed to bung up one of my DVDs last night. Just some scratches that don't look too bad, but my DVD player seems to disagree with me. I was wondering if there's anywhere in town I can go to get it fixed, hopefully for less than the cost of just buying the thing again. Maybe just a compassionate movie or game rental place? Or, barring that, someone that sells them little machines to fix them at home.

Thanks bunches.
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